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Anyone working in a professional environment knows there is always something to learn in order to improve oneself. Any good organisation will address this with a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) System. The main focus of CPD would be to deliver training courses to participants, include course marketing and allow for costs handling.

A good CPD system would be able to ensure people are kept up-to-date with what is available, career progression paths and new knowledge. A good system would also allow easy management and administration for staff running the system, as well as handle reporting and financials.

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What I found so good about Cyberdrome was that they offer a professional and personal service, I'm glad we chose them because they truly listen to our needs and devlivered what we actally asked for! A rare thing.
One of the best things about Cyberdrome CPD is the ability to market our courses. Our schools can now be kept up to date and won't have to worry about missing out on courses relevant to them.
I was worried about using Cyberdrome CPD at first but now I absolutely cannot do without it. It's so easy to use and there was always someone there to help me when needed. It saves time and money in photocopying and distribution and we have had positive feedback from our teachers in the borough.
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